CANACE report: Proof of Race Based Policing in Ontario

28 04 2008

UPDATE: This report was downloaded more than 4,000 times within 48 hours of its release.

Thanks to CANACE research and activism this week, we were able to expose the fact that the Ontario Provincial Police is deliberately misleading landowners, municipalities and native protesters when they tell them native occupiers have the right to commit illegal acts under the ‘colour of right’ defence.

The documentation uncovered shows that the OPP have been misinforming the public with the full knowledge of the Ontario government, and of the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs in particular.

CANACE will be releasing, in the near future, a comprehensive report setting out additional evidence supporting our position that there is no legal justification for allowing illegal occupations and associated criminality however, in the interim, we have produced the following ‘mini-report’ setting out the basic facts surrounding the ‘colour of right’ myth, and evidence showing the relationship between the wishes of the Ontario government and the actions of the OPP.

CANACE report: Proof of Race Based Policing in Ontario

Readers may also wish to see the following sources for evidence regarding race-based policing and political interference with the OPP by the McGuinty government:

  1. VoiceofCanada, Sept 23/07: $12M lawsuit: “Misfeasance” by OPP and Liberal ministers re agreements not to enforce law
  2. feature: Vandermaas OHRC complaint & supporting evidence
  3. CANACE handout, April 22/08: Ontario deserves a full and fair inquiry into landclaim lawlessness
  4. CANACE report, Dec 2007: The Human Costs of Illegal Occupations




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