National Post rewards CANACE members with special offer

12 04 2008



Dear CANACE member,

We are pleased to announce that the National Post has made a very special offer of up to 67% off their regular subscription price to CaledoniaWakeUpCall and VoiceofCanada readers, and CANACE members. This offer expires June 30th.

We have been working with the Post for some weeks now on this campaign which was initiated at their request after we and a number of Caledonia residents contacted the Post to thank them for publishing Caledonia lawyer John Findlay’s terrific piece called, ‘Sacrificial lambs at the alter of Ipperwash.’ The Post’s Editor-in-Chief, Doug Kelly, wrote back saying, “I am sensing much appreciation for the position the Post has taken on this issue,” and suggested that CWUC and VoC work together on an offer for our readers. We were, of course, more than happy to accommodate their request, so we submitted some marketing ideas which were finalized yesterday.

We will be sending out email to VoC and CWUC readers and CANACE members to inform them of the Post’s generous offer.

Support the paper that supports our struggle

As you know, the Post has taken a strong stand against landclaim lawlessness on behalf of Caledonians and – indeed – all Canadians. We hope, therefore, you will consider showing your appreciation by taking advantage of this limited-time offer.

Click here to read a few of the National Post’s hardhitting stories and learn more about becoming a ‘Friend of the Post’ at a very special price.

P.S. We are not being compensated for distributing this offer. We simply wanted to support a great team of journalists that supports the people of Caledonia in their struggle to preserve basic human rights for all Canadians caught up in landclaim lawlessness through no fault of their own. The Post is a friend to Caledonia, and we are proud to call ourselves ‘Friends of the Post.’

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Director of Research, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality
Co-author, The Ipperwash Papers

Gary McHale, Editor
Executive Director, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality




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