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CANACE co-founders have made Canadian legal history. Gary McHale (McHale v. R., 2009; McHale v. Attorney General of Ontario, 2009) and Jeff Parkinson (Parkinson v. R., 2008; Parkinson v. R., 2009) on steps of Cayuga courthouse, June 29/09. On Dec 31/09 McHale v. Attorney General of Ontario ordered a justice of the peace to issue charge vs. OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino under s.123(2) of Criminal Code - 'Influencing Municipal Official'. Summons was signed on Jan 08/10.

CANACE founders have accomplished a great deal during the 3 1/2 years they have been working as full-time volunteers to restore the rule of law and end race-based policing in Ontario for all citizens – native and non-native. 

  • CLICK HERE to see our resume (last updated Feb 06/10)   

– Contact Information – 

Gary McHale

Mark Vandermaas


Journalists working on breaking news should contact Gary first. Investigative journalists should call Mark first after reviewing the evidence on the Race-Based Policing feature page.

We desperately need your help

After reviewing the many accomplishments of CANACE we hope you will consider providing some desperately needed financial help to keep our work going.

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