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team.jpegWhen you become a CANACE Advocate and/or provide a much-needed donation you help us restore Canada as a country where cherished rights such as equality before the law, security of the person, freedom of expression, and freedom of association will never again be so violated as they have been in places like Ipperwash and Caledonia.

CANACE founders have paid, and are continuing to pay,  a high price to fight landclaim lawlessness, police abuses and policy failures that have victimized native and non-native citizens alike. Your financial support really does make a difference.

A great investment!

Please note: CANACE is not a registered charity, therefore, your membership subscription is NOT tax-deductible.

MEMBERSHIP OPTION 1: Use your credit card via PayPal’s secure payment system and set up a yearly subscription that you can cancel at any time: 

A. Individual Membership – $20/yr    
     $20/yr. Use your credit card via secure PayPal system.   paypal_cancel_subscribe_gen.gif

B. Family Membership – $30/yr         
     Family membership $30/yr. Use your credit card via secure PayPal system.    paypal_cancel_subscribe_gen.gif


C. Business Membership – $100/yr    
     Business membership $100/yr. Use your credit card via secure PayPal system.    paypal_cancel_subscribe_gen.gif


IMPORTANT: Once you’ve made your payment be sure to send an email to containing your name, business name (if applicable) mailing address, phone and the email address you want us to use for correspondence. If you are buying a family membership, be sure to include contact info for the additional member who wants to receive our email newsletter. If you’re paying by cheque or money order be sure to include your contact info with your payment.


MEMBERSHIP OPTION 2: Send your cheque or money order along with contact info (don’t forget email address!) to:

Attn: Merlyn Kinrade, Treasurer
P.O. Box 2083
Caledonia, Ontario  N3W 2G6

MEMBERSHIP OPTION 3: Interac Email Money Transfer – to pay via email, log on to your online bank service and send money to:

email:    password: tabitha (lower case). 

Not sure how to make it work? It’s easy! Click on the Interac logo for instructions.

Your additional financial support is appreciated 

If you are financially able to do so, please consider making an additional investment to support this vital civil rights struggle, via either a one-time donation of your choosing, or a monthly investment of just $10 or $25 per month.

One time donations:  Use your credit card via PayPal’s secure payment system below or Interac Email Money Transfer, or send a cheque/money order to the address above:

Monthly donations: Use your credit card via PayPal below. Post-dated cheques are welcome, too! Send them to the address above.

Please note: CANACE is not a registered charity, therefore, your donation is NOT tax-deductible.

1. One time donation – choose the amount:  


2. Monthly donation – just $5/month:

paypal_mark_60x38.gif   paypal_cancel_subscribe_gen.gif

3. Monthly donation – just $10/month:

paypal_mark_60x38.gif   paypal_cancel_subscribe_gen.gif

4. Monthly donation – just $25/month:

paypal_mark_60x38.gif   paypal_cancel_subscribe_gen.gif

 About your membership subscription and/or donation

1. Member subscribers and monthly donors can use the ‘Cancel Subscription’ button to cancel at any time.

2. CANACE is not a registered charity therefore, your donation is NOT tax deductible.

3. We will never publish or disclose your name without your permission.

4. Existing Advocates who joined CANACE for free will not be asked to purchase a membership until August 01/09. 

5. Contact us at if you have any questions.

Thanks so very much for supporting CANACE! 

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