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help_hands.jpeg“Dear Mark and Gary: To say ‘thank you’ to both of you seems quite insignificant, but THANK YOU ALL, including Jeff and Merlyn as well as thanks to the most, I think important lady in Ontario, Mary-Lou Lapratte who foresaw the results at Ipperwash and documented all or most of what took place there. She is a very brave lady. I certainly hope that Ontarians and Canadians will see the importance of and the personal cost to those of you who are fighting, at GREAT COST, both monetarily, (I have ‘walked the walk’ and shall again) physically and emotionally and can assist in this fight for equality for ALL OF THEM. It’s not merely your fight for justice, it’s everyone’s fight, but only a few showed up; (re Ontario’s population). Good thing for strong and meaningful leadership from both Gary and Mark and others. Bless you all for your, ‘doing the right thing’ and with my heart full of passion and compassion, THANK YOU.” Murray Hilton

“I just read about the certification of the charges against Ruby and Floyd Montour. I am overwhelmed by this victory and so thankful that people like you, Gary, and Jeff have come so far with no money and no legal expertise. I hope the OPP hang their heads in shame, and now the Brantford police for also having everything at their disposal to do their jobs and not doing a damn thing. It is gratifying to know that any individual with a true cause can make a difference without violence, but by using the law as it should be used. We owe all of you a debt of gratitude for even trying to go the distance with virtually nothing but the will to right an indescribably detrimental wrong being allowed to escalate by the very people entrusted to protect us. McGuinty may be intent on turning Ontario into a lawless land in lawless hands, but now we know for sure with the sacrifices of you people and your small support team there are those who will do whatever is necessary at great personal hardship for the benefit of those who have floundered and delayed taking a stand. There can now be no excuses for those who do not standup for the rights of others. You men have shown the way. Those who are compromised in any way by native lawlessness and violence need to press their own charges if the OPP or any other police force refuses. The hope is that the courts will continue to endeavour to hold up the law equal to all. Thank You. You are all awesome.” Mary-Lou LaPratte [Note: Mary-Lou is the Ipperwash Liaison for CANACE.]

“Thanks to all the CANACE crew for demonstrating to Canadians what patriotic principled citizenship is all about. You guys are an inspiration to me. It shows there is still hope for a corruption free Canada with equitable civil rights and civil accountability. If guys like Gary and our soldiers are willing to sacrifice it all for a higher principle, we all should.”  WL Mackenzie Redux

“You guys are an amazing example to the rest of Ontario and all of Canada to stop being afraid, unite together and STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!! Way to go. I couldn’t be more proud!” Larry Dicy

“Thanks for taking an interest in us [in Deseronto]. We do not intend to take anything at face value. We are learning that lesson the hard way and things are just beginning! Thanks.” Chris”

“Thank you for the excellent job you are doing in getting information out to the public. Please keep up the fight. You may be our only hope. THANK YOU” Sandra, Caledonia Resident.

“Mark, I just want to say thanks again for your diligence and your help with our struggle here in Caledonia. Thanks also to Gary, without his web site no one would know the lengths the government and the OPP will go to appease terrorists. I don’t know how much more the residents who live along the occupied zone can take. I know for myself, I feel lost with nowhere to turn, with little to no help. I do however, thank God for you and Gary. Keep up the good work.” Caledonia resident

“Dear Mark: this is my first visit to your site ( and I absolutely love it. I’m from Caledonia and have been fighting the two tiered justice system since day one. Thank you so much for following Gary McHale’s involvement and coming to Caledonia.” Beth

“There are many injustices going on in Canada at the moment, especially in First Nation Territory. They could sure use a man of your passion to give them a hand! Sincerely, Rob”

“From the bottom of my heart, I thank you and Gary and all those who are willing to put your lives on hold to fight for freedom, democracy, law and order. They are definitely worth fighting for. If only I was 20 years younger. God Bless you all !” Cora

“Thanks Mark, and also to you Gary. You guys rock, to stand up for us when no one else will is just great. I can’t even stand up for myself for fear of retaliation against my family.” ‘BeothucVSA’

“Mark, I would just like to say that I was more than proud to stand in Caledonia on Jan 20th with men like yourself, Gary, Chris and Merlin.” Larry Dicy

“We need all the help we can get and owe so much to ‘outsiders.’ Keep up the good work.” Margaret

“I personally appreciate the concern and support of Gary and yourself.” Donna Reid

“Again, thank you Mark for a great job at keeping the focus on the issue at hand that is Two Tier Justice and Equality issues.” Lisa Parent

“It is TIME that someone policed the police. If it were not for people like McHale and organizations lik CANACE the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms wouldn’t be worth the paper it was written on.”
‘Fayclis’ comment in response to Christie Blatchford article in Globe & Mail, ‘Activist a nagging thorn in Fantino’s side,’ Jan 08/10

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