Ontario judge rules Caledonia Class Action can proceed to trial

9 02 2010

The Caledonia Class Action lawsuit has passed the last major hurdle that ensures it will go to trial. Justice Crane of the Superior Court today certified the action and released the reasons for his ruling.

According to the ruling, notice of the certification must be posted – at the Defendant’s expense – in the Globe and Mail; Hamilton Spectator; Regional News; Grand River Sachem; Simcoe Reformer; and posted on the www.caledoniaclassaction.com website; on the Caledonia Regional Chamber of Commerce website at www.caledonia-ontario.com; Haldimand County website at www.haldimandcounty.ca; on the website of the Ontario Secretariat of Aboriginal Affairs at www.aboriginalaffairs.osaa.gov.on.ca; and on the website of the Ontario Provincial Police at www.opp.ca.

The end of racial policing is inevitable

Certification means that the Ontario government and the OPP’s racial policing policies are now entangled in civil litigation, criminal prosecutions (by CANACE), and critical scrutiny by both media and members of the PC Party and NDP.

Race-based policing is going to end. Ordinary citizens are not going to stop until the Apartheid system of justice illegally foisted upon the innocent victims of Caledonia is stopped in its tracks. When we are finished no government in Canada will ever dare try to subvert the Charter again.

The only question Premier McGuinty and his MPPs need to consider is this: are they going to pronounce an end to their illegal ‘peacekeeping’ mission, or are they going to destroy the Liberal Party by fighting this to the bitter end? . 

Well done Mr. Findlay, well done representative plaintiffs

CANACE would like to thank John Findlay and the representative plaintiffs for their patience and perseverence in achieving this very difficult objective:  

Representative Plaintiffs:

  • KRP Enterprises Inc.
  • 1643078 Ontario Inc.
  • Kevin Clark
  • Esta Clark
  • Christina Acciaccaferro
  • Jeffrey Acciaccaferro
  • Steve Tong
  • Lori Tong
  • Russel Kavanagh
  • Michelle Kavanagh
  • Paul Durcek
  • Stefany Durcek
  • Quintin Chausse
  • Donna Chausse
  • Anne Marie Vansickle
  • James Paul Vansickle
  • J.P. Woolley Surveying Ltd.
  • Margaret Cook

I should note that Mr. Findlay also represents CANACE founders Gary McHale and Mark Vandermaas in several actions, and he is also the lawyer for Sam and Sandra Gualtieri.

NOTE: Justice Crane was also the justice who ordered the criminal charge of Influencing Municipal Official to be issued vs. Julian Fantino.


CBC National News stories vindicate CANACE founders

3 02 2010

CANACE is pleased to announce that on Feb 02/10 investigative reporter John Nicol of the CBC National News published two important stories about our work.

The first focuses on how we came to have OPP Commissioner Fantino charged with a criminal offence:

Both the cops and the Six Nations people believed McHale and Vandermaas were agitators bent on encouraging unrest. Some even went so far as to accuse the pair of being white supremacists who didn’t like the province’s handling of the native demands. But anyone who believes in justice being open and transparent might just consider them heroes with what they’ve accomplished so far in Ontario courts.

Where the police have turned a blind eye, they have shone a spotlight and laid private charges, with astonishing success. To date, they have won four cases in Superior Court and now — against serious odds — have succeeded in laying criminal charges against OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino, the province’s top cop, for influencing or attempting to influence municipal officials.

CBC News, Feb 02/10: The 2 men who are putting a police chief on trial [PDF]

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Caledonia breakthrough: Canadians allowed to walk past DCE with Canadian flags

25 06 2009

opp_000682CANACE is very pleased to report that the following letter was sent to the OPP to thank them for their role in the ‘Support Randy Fleming‘ rally that took place on June 20/09.


June 21, 2009 

Commissioner Fantino, Ontario Provincial Police
Superintendent Gentle
Inspector McLean
Sergeant Carter
Sergeant Michaud

Dear Gentlemen:

Gary McHale and Merlyn Kinrade asked if I would pass on thanks from CANACE to you and your officers for your assistance, your honest communications and your decision to protect and respect the rights of non-natives to walk down Argyle Street with Canadian flags past the DCE. I know this was a big step for the OPP and I know that Sgt. Carter could not have helped make it happen without the support of the OPP leadership. For this we are truly grateful to you all.

Before leaving Lions Park I told the crowd that the officers of the OPP have had a rough three years, too and that no matter what has happened in the past, or will happen in the future, today they made the decision to do the right thing for us. I asked them to thank every OPP officer they met that day in the hopes your officers would go home to their families to tell them that perhaps life will be getting better for them, too.

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CANACE needs your help

8 11 2008

READY TO HELP? Click here to become a CANACE Advocate and/or set up a monthly donation plan.

For more than two years the founders of CANACE have worked full time to restore the rule of law and equality before the law in places like Caledonia, Hagersville and Cayuga, and have paid a heavy price for doing so.

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CANACE Executive Director runs in Haldimand-Norfolk riding

3 10 2008

UPDATED 1226 EST Oct 17/08

Gary McHale, President/Executive Director of CANACE, is running as a candidate for the riding of Haldimand-Norfolk. The riding includes the towns of Caledonia, Hagersville, York, Dunnville and Cayuga, all sites of illegal occupations by native protesters.

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CANACE founders cited by Ryerson Review of Journalism

24 07 2008

CANACE is pleased to announce that the prestigious Ryerson Review of Journalism has recognized the work of co-founders Gary McHale and Mark Vandermaas for their contributions to news coverage of the Caledonia crisis via their respective websites, CaledoniaWakeUpCall.com and VoiceofCanada.ca.

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CANACE ‘extortion’ charges certified by Ontario Court of Justice

8 07 2008
UPDATE 2017 EST July 15/08:
UPDATE 2115 EST July 11/08

UPDATE 1115 EST July 10/08:


One of the most important legal decisions in Ontario’s history with respect to ending landclaim lawlessness was released today in a Cayuga courtroom by Justice of the Peace Dan M. MacDonald when he announced that summons for Floyd and Ruby Montour were to be issued so that they can face criminal charges in connection with their occupation of construction sites in Cayuga and Hagersville.

CANACE Executive Director Gary McHale originally filed 9 charges against the two via private ‘informations’ heard by the court on June 17/08, all of which were certified by the Justice today:

  • Floyd Montour (5 charges): Extortion, Intimidation, Mischief (x3)
  • Ruby Montour (4 charges): Extortion, Intimidation, Mischief (x2)

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