CBC National News stories vindicate CANACE founders

3 02 2010

CANACE is pleased to announce that on Feb 02/10 investigative reporter John Nicol of the CBC National News published two important stories about our work.

The first focuses on how we came to have OPP Commissioner Fantino charged with a criminal offence:

Both the cops and the Six Nations people believed McHale and Vandermaas were agitators bent on encouraging unrest. Some even went so far as to accuse the pair of being white supremacists who didn’t like the province’s handling of the native demands. But anyone who believes in justice being open and transparent might just consider them heroes with what they’ve accomplished so far in Ontario courts.

Where the police have turned a blind eye, they have shone a spotlight and laid private charges, with astonishing success. To date, they have won four cases in Superior Court and now — against serious odds — have succeeded in laying criminal charges against OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino, the province’s top cop, for influencing or attempting to influence municipal officials.

CBC News, Feb 02/10: The 2 men who are putting a police chief on trial [PDF]

The second story tells the shocking story of how – despite a lack of evidence – senior OPP officers targeted Gary McHale for a criminal charge in order to appease the very native radicals who had assaulted him on Dec 01/07:

Supt. Ron Gentle weighed in on Dec. 3 in an email to the deputy commissioner: “The assault of McHale by Bullet [native protest leader Clyde Powless] was caught on all kinds of video as people turned the cameras on when the action happened. Unfortunately, the alleged assault committed by McHale, to this point, is not on video. The best we have is the victim claiming verbally to have been assaulted on at least one tape. We have witnesses on both sides that say he did and didn’t commit an offence.

We want to ensure, when we arrest and charge Bullet we do the same with McHale to eliminate any of the usual issues.”

CBC News, Feb 02/10: Ont. top cop pushed for charges against protester [PDF]

See also: 

Six Nations woman and her false allegation of assault vs. Gary McHale

Unfortunately for the OPP, the referenced assault by Gary McHale on a Six Nations woman was not captured on video because it did not occur. We were able to record the woman as she assaulted Mr. McHale after loudly – and falsely – yelling that she had been assaulted by him.  Readers can watch the video of her repugnant bit of ‘street theatre’ as well as the vicious swarming attack on him by Clyde ‘Bullet’ Powless in this CANACE report:

More info:

For a comprehensive look at just how far Fantino went to target Mr. McHale for arrest and defamation, please see the ‘OPP attempts to silence non-native activists’ section in the journalist resources on our Race-Based Policing reference page.

About John Nicol

John Nicol, has been a member of five different investigative teams, mainly at the CBC and Maclean’s magazine. He has twice been part of teams nominated for Michener Awards for Public Service journalism; is a National Newspaper Award nominee, and winner of several national and provincial awards for investigative and enterprise work. He’s the author of a book examining the impact of the automobile on Canadian life called The All Red Route, which retraces the first attempt to drive a car across Canada in 1912.

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