Ontario judge rules Caledonia Class Action can proceed to trial

9 02 2010

The Caledonia Class Action lawsuit has passed the last major hurdle that ensures it will go to trial. Justice Crane of the Superior Court today certified the action and released the reasons for his ruling.

According to the ruling, notice of the certification must be posted – at the Defendant’s expense – in the Globe and Mail; Hamilton Spectator; Regional News; Grand River Sachem; Simcoe Reformer; and posted on the www.caledoniaclassaction.com website; on the Caledonia Regional Chamber of Commerce website at www.caledonia-ontario.com; Haldimand County website at www.haldimandcounty.ca; on the website of the Ontario Secretariat of Aboriginal Affairs at www.aboriginalaffairs.osaa.gov.on.ca; and on the website of the Ontario Provincial Police at www.opp.ca.

The end of racial policing is inevitable

Certification means that the Ontario government and the OPP’s racial policing policies are now entangled in civil litigation, criminal prosecutions (by CANACE), and critical scrutiny by both media and members of the PC Party and NDP.

Race-based policing is going to end. Ordinary citizens are not going to stop until the Apartheid system of justice illegally foisted upon the innocent victims of Caledonia is stopped in its tracks. When we are finished no government in Canada will ever dare try to subvert the Charter again.

The only question Premier McGuinty and his MPPs need to consider is this: are they going to pronounce an end to their illegal ‘peacekeeping’ mission, or are they going to destroy the Liberal Party by fighting this to the bitter end? . 

Well done Mr. Findlay, well done representative plaintiffs

CANACE would like to thank John Findlay and the representative plaintiffs for their patience and perseverence in achieving this very difficult objective:  

Representative Plaintiffs:

  • KRP Enterprises Inc.
  • 1643078 Ontario Inc.
  • Kevin Clark
  • Esta Clark
  • Christina Acciaccaferro
  • Jeffrey Acciaccaferro
  • Steve Tong
  • Lori Tong
  • Russel Kavanagh
  • Michelle Kavanagh
  • Paul Durcek
  • Stefany Durcek
  • Quintin Chausse
  • Donna Chausse
  • Anne Marie Vansickle
  • James Paul Vansickle
  • J.P. Woolley Surveying Ltd.
  • Margaret Cook

I should note that Mr. Findlay also represents CANACE founders Gary McHale and Mark Vandermaas in several actions, and he is also the lawyer for Sam and Sandra Gualtieri.

NOTE: Justice Crane was also the justice who ordered the criminal charge of Influencing Municipal Official to be issued vs. Julian Fantino.



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