CANACE fights for Canadians against incredible odds

6 07 2008

UPDATED 1135 EST July 26/08

UPDATE 2153 EST July 08/08: CANACE ‘extortion’ charges certified by Ontario Court of Justice. Two native protesters now face total of 9 charges for Intimidation, Mischief and Extortion thanks to CANACE Executive Director Gary McHale.

This article was excerpted from a VoiceofCanada piece, ‘McHale wins judicial review hearing in Cayuga court!,’ in which CANACE Director of Research Mark Vandermaas provided some insight into the enormous price paid by CANACE Executive Director Gary McHale to oppose race-based policing in Ontario in order to dramatize the amazing accomplishments of a man who has every reason to give up, but refuses to do so.

Although it focuses on Mr. McHale, it must be noted that all CANACE co-founders have paid heavy prices for their involvement in this cause.

CANACE fights for Canadians against incredible odds

During the past two years, Gary McHale – with help from Canadians inside and outside Caledonia – has stood strong against the combined might of the Ontario government; the Ontario Provincial Police; Haldimand Council; cruel and/or politically-correct media; and – of course -native thugs in order to defend cherished Canadian values that hold: A. the rule of law is the foundation of democracy, and B. that all citizens should be equal before the law irrespective of their race, religion or grievance.

  • He has been threatened with death, kidnapping and torture.
  • He was viciously attacked by native thugs who sent him to hospital (photo above).
  • He has had false witness borne against him by native attackers.
  • He has been slandered with false accusations of being a racist.
  • He was personally targetted for arrest by OPP Commissioner Fantino even though he had committed no crime.
  • He was arrested for trying to raise a Canadian flag.
  • He has been personally slandered by Fantino in the media who have printed his lies without question.
  • He was – shamefully – ridiculed by the Brantford Expositor after being injured at the hands of native smokeshack thugs on Dec 01/07.
  • He lost his home and the equity in it due to loss of income caused by the incredible amount of time he devotes to the struggle against race-based policing.
  • He has barely enough money to buy food at times let alone pay for legal help.

In addition to all these challenges, Gary McHale must cope with a reading/writing disability that makes it very difficult for him to avoid spelling and grammatical errors. All critical documents are reviewed before release by his wife, Christine. His lack of ability in the written word however, is more than offset by his incredibly fast-thinking mind and uncanny ability to know exactly how to take advantage of every opportunity presented by those who oppose him.

Despite having every excuse to just give up and give in, Mr. McHale has fought the most powerful institutions in Ontario to a standstill. Despite his literary disability; having no money; no law degree; no access to legal advice other than the Internet; nothing but a determination to resist those who would take our rights from us, McHale and CANACE have gone into the court system to fight race-based policing on behalf of all Canadians. And, we are winning!

Why we risk our financial security

CANACE’s Director of Research Mark Vandermaas was recently asked by a Caledonia resident why we ‘outsiders’ would risk our financial security for people we don’t know. The questioner made it clear that he would definitely not be prepared to pay the economic price CANACE founders have already paid. This is what Mr. Vandermaas told him:

“I went to the Middle East with the Canadian Forces on a UN mission to preserve peace between Egypt and Israel; how could I refuse to go to Caledonia to defend justice for children on the 6th Line who live without policing? How can I dishonour my military brothers and sisters by putting a big screen TV ahead of the rule of law and fundamental justice here in Ontario while they face suicide and roadside bombs half a world away?

85 Canadian soldiers have come home from Afghanistan in boxes; thousands more are buried overseas – all killed while trying to defend people they didn’t know. Many more have been maimed or scarred. The price we have paid to restore justice in Ontario is nothing by comparison.

“I live in London, equidistant between two communities ripped apart by landclaim lawlessness – Ipperwash, 1.5 hrs to the west, and Caledonia, 1.5 hours to the east. I am not an outsider; I am, in fact, very much an ‘insider.’ All Ontarians, all Canadians are ‘insiders’ when it comes to fundamental human rights and preserving the rule of law.

“My parents lived in Holland during WWII and saw Jews taken away. My father escaped from a German work camp. He later fought with the Dutch Army in Indonesia. I grew up learning about the Holocaust, coming to understand that enforcing laws based on race is inherently evil and dangerous. It was not the stormtroopers that made the death camps possible – it was the dutiful acquiesence to the hateful Nuremberg race laws by bureaucrats, police officers and judges who were ‘just following orders’ that made it possible to eventually murder millions of human beings. And, let’s not forget that it was Canadian, British, Russian and American troops – outsiders all – who liberated the death camps.

“I don’t want to lose my house any more than the next person, but what scares me more is standing idly by as my country loses its soul to criminals and appeasers, and knowing I didn’t do everything in my power to stop it. It is not my right to go to Caledonia, it is my duty, and the duty of every Canadian who understands the awful consequences to a country of losing the rule of law and the belief that all human beings are equal.”

Gary McHale has risked his life, his reputation, his financial well-being and his freedom in the greatest of Canadian traditions for people he did not know, simply because it was the right thing to do. His steadfast determination in the face of obstacles that would overwhelm most people has inspired others to stand beside him and take extreme risks of their own for this most worthy of causes. I suppose that’s the reason Caledonia artist Barb Patterson-Tuck included him – and two other CANACE founders – in her masterpiece, ‘Caught in the Middle.’ (The image above shows a special ‘Fine Art’ edition available only through CANACE.)

Many thanks to Ms. Patterson-Tuck for recognizing the obvious.

The online encyclopedia Wikipedia has also recognized the important role Gary McHale is playing in Canadian history: See The entry is new so there are some errors (Mr. McHale was most definitely NOT trying to take down a native flag when he was arrested. He was, in fact, standing quietly on the side of the road talking to police officers, waiting for a senior officer to come and explain why putting up a Canadian flag was against the law.) and missing facts which will undoubtedly be corrected and recorded in the future.

CANACE needs your support

If you would like to support the work of CANACE, please click here.  Click on the artwork above if you think you’d like to own a piece of history and support CANACE at the same time.




One response

8 07 2008
Murray Hilton

Dear Mark and Gary:

Thank you for writing out the above information in a very legible formate, most of which I was pretty well aware of before but some new info as well. To say ‘thank you’ to both of you seems quite insignificant, but THANK YOU ALL, including Jeff and Merlyn as well as thanks to the most, I think important lady in Ontario, Mary LouLapratte who foresaw the results at Ipperwash and documented all or most of what took place there. She is a very brave lady.

I certainly hope that Ontarians and Canadians will see the importance of and the personal cost to those of you who are fighting, at GREAT COST, both monetarily, (I have ‘walked the walk’ and shall again) physically and emotionally and can assist in this fight for equality for ALL OF THEM. It’s not merely your fight for justice, it’s everyone’s fight, but only a few showed up; (re Ontarios population). Good thing for strong and meaningful leadership from both Gary and Mark and others.
Bless you all for your, ‘doing the right thing’ and with my heart full of passion and compassion, THANK YOU.

Murray Hilton

CANACE reply: Thanks so much for the kind words Murray. You have been a loyal supporter, morally and financially, and we thank you so very much for your faith in us. I am writing this after being informed by CANACE’s Executive Director, Gary McHale that CANACE has just scored one of the biggest court victories in Ontario’s history with respect to fighting landclaim lawlessness, a victory that could change everything for us and for Ontario. We expect to release the details later today. Your faith was definitely not misplaced, Murray! Mark Vandermaas, Director of Research

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