CANACE presentation: ‘LIES OPP tell Builders’

1 05 2008

Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality will be presenting ‘LIES OPP tell Builders’ in the Cayuga Lions Hall next Wednesday. This presentation – based on our newest report of the same name – will expose the fabrications used by the OPP and native protesters to mislead land owners and the public about the right of native protesters to commit illegal activities.

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CANACE founders hit back at Fantino/Bryant defamation

29 04 2008

On April 23, 2008, just one day after personally serving Aboriginal Affairs Minister Michael Bryant with notices under the Libel and Slander Act for his public comments about CANACE Director of Research Mark Vandermaas and his complaint to the Ontario Human Rights Commission and about CANACE co-founder Gary McHale, OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino appeared on the John Oakley Show on AM640 Toronto Radio and and – once again – falsely accused both men of being ‘involved’ in violence and having a violent agenda.

Minister Bryant is served, CANACE helps Mayor Trainer expose a key OPP fabrication

On April 22/08 Mr. Vandermaas served Minister Bryant with notices under the Libel and Slander Act on behalf of himself and Mr. McHale just before the start of his meeting with Haldimand Council while the Minister was going around the room shaking hands. See VoiceofCanada article for video.

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CANACE report: The Human Costs of Illegal Occupations

21 02 2008


UPDATED 1336 EST April 15/08: Over 17,000 copies downloaded to date.
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality (CANACE) has released a draft copy of a 101 page report documenting some of the violence and crime perpetrated against Caledonia residents – both native and non-native – during the occupation of the Douglas Creek Estates by native extremists.

‘The Human Costs of Illegal Occupations’ is based on various documents, letters, media reports, statements from residents, as well as evidence from our Ipperwash Papers project showing how events in Caledonia parallel those in Ipperwash, and how the official Inquiry suppressed evidence of native crimes against residents there. 

‘The Human Costs’ is a ‘must-read’ for anyone who wishes to understand the awful price to be paid when lawlessness is tolerated by those tasked with the responsibility to prevent it.

The cover photo above shows Caledonia builder Sam Gualtieri in his hospital bed following his attempted murder by native occupiers who beat him inside the home he was building for his daughter. 

Please click on the photo to download a PDF copy of the report.

CANACE calls for RCMP to take over investigation after Fantino blames victims of Caledonia violence

13 12 2007

NOTE: this is a summary of the events that took place in Caledonia on Dec 01/07 during a protest against the appearance of yet another illegal smoke shack. It is intended to provide media and politicians with a ‘quick reference’ guide to counter pronouncements by the Ontario Provincial Police that peaceful non-native demonstrators were somehow responsible for the violence that occurred that day.

It will be updated as new evidence and information becomes available. Links to additional evidence and commentary can be found at the bottom.

Also note that this page does not contain a comprehensive list of all evidence that may be available.

UPDATE DECEMBER 03/08: Despite a history of making serious allegations against Mr. McHale that he and his supporters were ‘involved’ in or ‘inciting’ violence OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino testified under oath on Nov 26/08 that the OPP never charged Gary McHale with any crime prior to Dec 01/07 because they had NO evidence to support any such charge. Please see the following references that support the CANACE version of events set out below:

UPDATE OCTOBER 17/08: CANACE Executive Director Gary McHale presented evidence to a Hamilton court on Oct 16/08 proving that OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino directed his officers – prior to the investigation having begun – to target Gary McHale for arrest in connection with the confrontation described below even if there was insufficient evidence for a conviction. Please refer to VoiceofCanada article, ‘McHale Charter application alleges Fantino misconduct” for additional information and links to media articles.

gary_hospital-dec01-07-small.jpgDECEMBER 13, 2007 – On December 01, 2007 CANACE Executive Director Gary McHale was viciously swarmed and assaulted in multiple, unprovoked attacks by native supporters of an illegal smoke shack operation.

False allegation of assault, and initial assaults against Mr. McHal

The violence against Mr. McHale was initiated when a woman walked over to him and loudly screamed that he had pushed her when, in fact, he had not. She then pushed him and again loudly accused him of assaulting her.

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