CANACE presentation to Brantford Council

1 10 2008

UPDATED 1437 EST Oct 02/08

On Monday, Sept 29/08 CANACE VP/Director of Research, Mark Vandermaas, and Treasurer/Caledonia Liaison, Merlyn Kinrade, addressed the Public Forum Committee of Brantford Council in a 10 minute presentation of, ‘Reconciliation: the CANACE Path.’

“Our short-term goal is to preserve the rule of law and Ontario’s economy by ending race-based policing and land claim lawlessness,” Vandermaas told council, while three city police officers kept watch in the chamber.

“Our long-term goal is to force politicians to pass legislation to ensure this never happens again. We must create a province and a country where true reconciliation between natives and non-natives is possible based on truth, justice and respect for the rights of all human beings.”

Brantford Expositor, Sept 30/08: Gary McHale group greeted by heckler at city hall [REPRINT] [PDF]

CANACE President/Executive Director Gary McHale could not be present as he was at an All-Candidates meeting in Delhi in support of his candidacy for the riding of Haldimand-Norfolk.

Documents and evidence provided to Council:

1. Presentation Notes

2. PowerPoint presentation

3. CANACE founders’ resume

4. CANACE editorial: Lessons from Dr. King: Understanding the struggle against Race-Based Policing in Ontario

5. OPP Detective John Murray cross-examination, Dec 14/07, Ontario Court of Justice transcript, p41, 46-47, 59

6. Haldimand Mayor Marie Trainer testimony, Dec 24/08, Ontario Court of Justice transcript, p14-16, 18

7. CANACE report: Legalized MYTHS of Illegal Occupations

8. CANACE report: The Human Costs of Illegal Occupations 

9. CANACE article: McGuinty’s Ipperwash Cover-up: how the Inquiry’s suppression of evidence put Ontario communities on a collision course with anarchy

10. Turtle Island News, Aug 13/08 edition (pages 2-4)

p2: Brantford Developer meets with Haudenosaunee Men’s Fire
p4: Editorial – Six Nations needs to work together
p4, Letter by Councillor Helen Miller: Legal costs soaring; councillor

11. CANACE video, May 12/08: OPP Sgt Michaud tells CANACE land title deeds do not prove ownership (see also, CANACE editorial, ‘OPP tell CANACE: Land Title deeds do NOT prove ownership’)

12. Letter to Editor, A. Hill, Native resident of Ohsweken, May 28/07: Is there any real reason for the terrorism occurring at DCE?

13. Haldimand Proclamation for Peace, Order and Good Government, Toby Barrett MPP

14. CANACE position statement: Resolving Native Land Claims Responsibly

15. CANACE diagram – Reconciliation: the CANACE Path

Member of Haudenosaunee Men’s Fire (HMF) insults victims of land claim lawlessness

Just as Mark Vandermaas was finishing the presentation — having talked about children on Sixth Line in Caledonia having to take medication and counselling to cope with the trauma of having no policing; about how natives themselves have been victimized by the lawlessness; and about the importance of respecting the rights of all human beings — a member of the newest group on Sixth Nations (HMF, see Item 10, p2 above) trying to extract money from developers shouted, ‘Heil Hitler!’ and gave the Nazi salute.

The HMF member’s conduct was a shameful, disgusting display of sociopathic disregard for the suffering of innocent people – native and non-native – and an attempt to smear those of us trying to end the violence and lawlessness via peaceful, lawful means.

Comments by Brantford resident

The comments below were sent to Gary McHale by a Brantford resident who heard our presentation:

Gary, your choice in having Mark represent you in Brantford was as near as perfect as it could have been, he was a very well spoken person. It’s just too bad that they keep the speakers to a ten minute time limit because I’m sure there would have been questions from council that would help them in the future with all that is going on. Once again Gary thank you for sending two people who like you are in the front of all this craziness that is going on.

Gary I must also say I was glad to see you had an all candidates meeting to go to rather then coming here to Brantford because once again they (natives) could not use you as an excuse to cause problems and then blame you for starting it. All these thugs need is a reason, right now they are the one’s who are making themselves look bad. I for one feel very sorry for those natives who do not believe in what these lawbreakers are doing, they are truly caught in the middle with no voice to express their feelings.

At least with you in Ottawa your view on having one law for one and all would certainly help us all sleep better at nights. God bless you and your family for all the sacrifices that you have made to make this all happen.

Andre Lafond, Sept 30/08

Victory over enemies of free speech

The City of Brantford originally confirmed that CANACE would appear as a delegation back on Aug 07/08. After announcing it however, those opposed to our efforts to stop the violence, crime and civil rights violations during land claim disputes mounted an effort to try to have our presentation cancelled.

One well-known supporter of the violence in Caledonia even called Merlyn Kinrade at home to chortle and giggle in delight because he thought they had succeeded. Even though Brantford never did notify us that they intended to renege on our arrangement, the Brantford Expositor and even Jim Windle of the native Tekawenakke News publicly decried our exclusion – which we very much appreciated.

On August 19/08, Mark Vandermaas wrote to City Hall requesting a reconfirmation:

Dear Ms. xxxx:

Late last evening our Caledonia Liaison Mr. Merlyn Kinrade received a disturbing phone call from someone claiming to be a well-known supporter of native protesters who joyfully told him that Brantford had no intention of honouring our scheduled speaking engagement before the Public Forum Committee on Sept 29th, and that Council was in the process of passing a by-law that would ensure we would not be allowed to speak.

Two years ago, in October 2006, those who supported the use of violence in Caledonia were bragging on a discussion board how they got the Mayor of Brantford to cancel Mr. McHale’s room rental agreement by falsely accusing us of ‘raping native children’ and of being white supremacists. Today, it seems that the same group is trying to stifle free speech once again, and we can only hope that Brantford will not allow it to happen a second time.

I have attached a copy of a CANACE resume for your review. As you can see, we have invested the last two years of our lives in peacefully opposing the use of violence and racially-based policing during land claims. We have paid a heavy price to ensure that the truth about Ipperwash and Caledonia was told and recorded in order that other communities may learn the lessons from their suffering. The prestigious Ryerson Review of Journalism (Summer 2008 issue) recently cited both Mr. McHale and me by name for our work in providing information when other media failed Caledonia, and we are currently consulting with a published author for an important book on illegal occupations.

I would hope and expect that Council would give us the opportunity to respond to any concerns they may have about us or our work prior to taking any action that would deny the City of Brantford access to our experience and evidence based on smarmy allegations from those who have a vested interest in suppressing the truth. This issue is simply too important to do otherwise.


Mark cell:

Mark Vandermaas
Director of Research
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality

On Sept 11/08 we received a confirmation that we would allowed to speak.

Even if Brantford Council decides not to further avail themselves of our research or experience with respect to Caledonia and Ipperwash, the presentation was a major success for two reasons: it was the first time that CANACE has officially addressed a political body, and it was an important victory over those who have worked so hard to stifle the voices and rights of victims – both native and non-native.

CANACE thanks the City of Brantford for not giving into the intimidation a second time. We are, of course, at your service should you require it. 

CANACE presentation underscored by opposition to builder

Co-incidently, Mike Quattrociocchi’s project to build 20 more homes in Brantford was also discussed on Monday. Floyd and Ruby Montour (both currently facing Mischief charges for their role in other occupations; charges that were initially laid by CANACE President/Executive Director Gary McHale) were escorted from Council chambers by Brantford’s finest. According to the Expositor, they don’t intend to let the construction go ahead.

“We won’t let it happen a second time. He’ll be laughing all the way to the bank if we do.”

Brantford Expositor, Sept 30/08: Builder’s project sparks opposition [REPRINT] [PDF]

Quattrochiocci had a great response:

“Nothing’s changed from the original dispute,” said the former city councillor. “They say it’s native land and want me to consult. I’m tired of consulting. It means we talk and they say, “It’s native land and we want money.”

Message to Brantford builders

CANACE laid charges against the Montours to help get a Cayuga development back on track without further blockades or occupations, and we can help you, too. Send an email to if you’d like to talk.



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