CANACE counters T.R.U.E. attempt to rewrite Caledonia history

30 07 2008

The Brantford Expositor today published a letter written by CANACE President and Executive Director Gary McHale intended to expose the attempt by a group called ‘Two Row Understanding Through Education’ (TRUE) to blame the media for the well-deserved black-eye native extremists are receiving in the media.

Brantford Expositor, July 30/08
Letter to Editor by Gary McHale,
Executive Director of CANACE
T.R.U.E. – Meeting held little truth [PDF]

Mr. McHale made it clear that CANACE believes that if true healing is to begin, native extremists owe an apology to the innocent victims – both native and non-native – of their lawlessness, and that CANACE will not allow them to rewrite history:

CANACE documented Caledonia’s agony

Mr. McHale’s letter included reference to CANACE reports and investigations which expose the human and economic costs of illegal occupations as well as the legal myths propagated by native protesters, the OPP and the Ontario government.

Mr. McHale’s letter mentions the fact that the Summer 2008 issue of the prestigious Ryerson Review of Journalism has recognized the contributions of both CaledoniaWakeUpCall and VoiceofCanada in an article entitled, ‘Disputed Land, Failed Coverage.’

  • CANACE news release, July 24/08: CANACE founders cited by Ryerson Review of Journalism [PDF]
  • CANACE documented forgotten Ipperwash victims and the attempt to cover up their stories

    CANACE has also documented the forgotten victims of native extremists in Ipperwash and the awful legacy for other Ontario communities of the Ipperwash Inquiry’s deliberate suppression of evidence.

    In 2007 the Western Standard magazine interviewed and quoted both Mary-Lou LaPratte, CANACE’s Ipperwash Liaison, and Mark Vandermaas, Director of Research along with National Post commentator Andrew Coyne and University of Waterloo history professor, Dr. Whitney Lackenbauer in ‘Protection Racket: An Ontario judge glosses over illegal aboriginal acts at Ipperwash.’



    CANACE is committed to restoring the rule of law in Ontario by ending racially-based policing and land claim lawlessness through peaceful methods.

    We believe that true reconciliation between native and non-native peoples – as envisioned by the Supreme Court of Canada – must be based on truth, justice and respect for the rights of all human beings in Canada without regard to race or grievance.



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