CANACE files 32 new charges: Extortion, Intimidation

16 07 2008

UPDATED Aug 12/08

CANACE Executive Director Gary McHale today filed a total of 32 new charges against 8 different individuals involved in alleged extortion, illegal smoke shacks, illegal occupations and road blockades in Caledonia, Cayuga, Hagersville and Caledonia.

These charges have yet to be certified before a judge before a summons or warrant for arrest can be issued.

More charges will be filed in coming weeks. See news release for complete details:

CANACE news release, July 15/08 (UPDATED Aug 12/08):
32 Charges filed including Extortion

Today’s charges are in addition to the 9 already certified against Floyd and Ruby Montour for Extortion, Intimidation and Mischief neither of whom have been convicted at trial and are, therefore, presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Despite our limited resources, CANACE will continue to counter OPP race-based policing by pursuing those involved in landclaim and smokeshack lawlessness to the best of our ability until the OPP decide to enforce the law according to the Police Services Act of Ontario.




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