CANACE Report: Legalized MYTHS of Illegal Occupations

8 05 2008

UPDATE July 14/08: Legalized MYTHS was downloaded more than 2,600 times in the first 24 hours following its release on May 07/08 with 8,457 total downloads to date. In the last 13 days there has been renewed interest in the report with 1435 downloads – 110 times per day.

UPDATE May 13/08: 1. Revised edition of ‘Legalized Myths’ report released. In addition to correcting several typos, and adding source citations, the revised report includes an acknowledgement of MPP Toby Barrett’s role in representing his constituents in the struggle to end race-based policing in Ontario.  2. Link to video footage of Cayuga presentation added below.

CANACE is pleased to announce that our latest report – Legalized MYTHS of Illegal Occupations – was presented to a crowd of 90 people at a packed hall in Cayuga, Ontario on May 07/08 who gave us and our report a very warm welcome, especially when CANACE’s Director of Research Mark Vandermaas summed up the last two years of state-enabled lawlessness:

“Once you strip away the myths and the lies they are predicated upon, the so-called ‘justification’ of race-based policing offered by the OPP and the McGuinty government is nothing more than liberalist-ideology-gone-insane hidden inside a house of cards surrounded by smoke and mirrors.”

Many in the crowd were business people who came to learn the truth about issues like ‘Police Discretion,’ ‘Duty to Consult’ and the ‘Colour of Right.’ These are the most egregious of the 6 myths exposed and are used by OPP, government and native extremists to justify illegal occupations and the lack of police response to them. 

  • CANACE Report: Legalized MYTHs of Illegal Occupations  [DIAL-UP]
  • PowerPoint presentation from May 07/08 in Cayuga Lions Hall
  • Video footage links – organized by speaker 
  • Government and OPP are NOT following directives from Ipperwash Inquiry

    CANACE Executive Director Gary McHale highlighted quotes from the Commissioner of the Ipperwash Inquiry to show that the McGuinty government and the OPP are NOT following the guidelines of the Inquiry as they constantly claim to be doing when they ignore native lawlessness. The Commissioner made it clear that native protesters were not above the law and should be arrested when they commit crimes.

    Mr. McHale also quoted from a recently-discovered legal opinion provided to the Inquiry from the Ministry of the Attorney General that cites numerous legal precedents to show that natives do not have ‘colour of right’ to occupy building developments. As he pointed out, the Attorney General at the time was the present Minister of Aboriginal Affairs Minister Michael Bryant. This document, together with media and reports we have received from builders, shows that the OPP have been lying to land owners about the validity of the ‘colour of right’ with the full knowledge of the McGuinty government.

    Practical suggestions for builders

    Developers in the room were especially appreciative of our very practical suggestions such as authorizing CANACE to enter occupied property to gather evidence of crimes in order that we may lay the charges police are refusing to lay. An authorization form can be found in the report.

    MPP Toby Barrett is guest speaker

    MPP Toby Barrett attended and was kind enough to compliment those who research the issues and keep his office informed. He also talked about his visit to Deseronto and expressed the wish that the people of Caledonia could help them by sharing their experience.

    Mark Vandermaas addressed Mr. Barrett’s excellent suggestion by explaining how he had contacted the Mayor of Deseronto by phone during the recent turmoil to express concern over residents resorting to violence against the aggression of native extremists. He offered, on behalf of CANACE, to conduct a presentation involving Caledonians to help residents in Deseronto understand the importance of non-violent resistance, but had not yet received a reply. 

    Mr. Barrett was also recognized for being a guest speaker at the first ‘March for Freedom’ protest event of Oct 15/06 which started this very important civil rights movement. It was, of course, organized by now-CANACE Executive Director Gary McHale. 

    Toby Barrett was also responsible for writing the historic ‘Haldimand Proclamation for Peace, Order and Good Government‘ – a stunning, strongly worded document that recognizes, and calls for an end to, race-based policing. It can be found in the report along with a CANACE call to encourage all affected municipalities to adopt it.

    Business people are stepping up to help their community

    CANACE would like to thank the local businessman who organized and paid for the rental hall, and also the businessman who took the time to set up his own computer projector and large screen for us. Thanks also to another business owner who made a generous donation, as did many in the crowd. We are very grateful that local businesses are joining in to help their community.

    If your organization would like us to do a presentation in your town, please email us to set up a date.

    How you can help end Race-Based Policing in Ontario:

    1. Read the report.

    2. Invite us to do a presentation:

    3. Join CANACE – for free! Click on ‘Become a CANACE Advocate for Free’ in the top menu.

    4. Email all your friends, politicians and local media to encourage them to read the report.

    5. Consider making a donation to keep this work going. The lack of funds is our single biggest problem, and takes an enormous toll on our families. Four of the five CANACE co-founders gave up careers and income to work on the Caledonia/race-based policing issue full time on a volunteer basis. We often, as during the past week, put in 16-20 hour days, incurring heavy travel costs for meetings, presentations, etc. as required. We work days, evenings, weekends, holidays – whatever it takes to restore the rule of law to Ontario. You can help by making a one time donation or a monthly investment of $10/month.



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