How YOU can help restore justice in Ontario

29 04 2008

knight-w-sword.jpgIn light of recent events in Caledonia and Deseronto, some people have written to us wondering what they can do to help us restore Ontario as a place where all people are equal before the law without resorting to violence.  

We have some ideas for you listed at the end of this document, but the best thing you can do is to join CANACE (for free) and add your name to our growing list of Member Advocates.

If you already know you want to help, go straight to the bottom and get started. If you’d like to know why you should support CANACE in this important Canadian civil rights movement, keep reading…

CANACE was there from the beginning

For more than 18 months, the people who founded the Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality (CANACE) have – with vital support of proud and patriotic Canadians in and outside of Caledonia – dedicated many thousands of hours to researching, exposing and peacefully protesting the lies used by the OPP and the McGuinty government to justify the racially-based policing practices that have torn apart Ontario communities and traumatized thousands of lives, native and non-native, in the process.

Thousands of pages, documents, articles and commentary are available at:
CaledoniaWakeUpCall blog

CANACE exposes the lies behind racially-based policing

CANACE has taken the lead in exposing lies by the Ontario Provincial Police and the McGuinty government that are so ambitious in their scope and so serious in their ramifications for Ontario and for Canada that it is difficult to believe they could possibly be true:

1. In early 2007 we began an investigation into allegations by long-time Ipperwash resident and community leader Mary-Lou LaPratte that the Ipperwash Inquiry had suppressed evidence from residents. On March 14, 2007 we presented our findings at a Queen’s Park news conference when we released our Ipperwash Papers project. The suppression of evidence was total, and it’s impact on the rest of Ontario facing land claim disputes has been disastrous.

I urge you to read CANACE’s 2-page summary on the failures of the Ipperwash Inquiry so you can understand the vital importance of helping us to pressure MPPs to expose the truth before lives are lost and more communities victimized.

CANACE report: Ontario deserves a full and fair inquiry into landclaim lawlessness

2. Land owners have reported that OPP officers are telling them they cannot remove native occupiers from their property because they have the right to occupy private property under the ‘colour of right’ which, under unique and rare circumstances, may provide a defence to an honest mistake in using someone’s land without permission.

While conducting research into this so-called ‘defence,’ we discovered a stunning legal opinion – submitted to the Ipperwash Inquiry by Ontario’s Ministry of the Attorney General – that proves, not only has the OPP been lying about the validity of the ‘colour of right’ as a defence to native occupations, they are doing so with the full knowledge of the Ontario government.

CANACE provided the Mayor of Haldimand with a copy of this document and she, in turn, was able to expose the truth by confronting Aboriginal Affairs Minister, Michael Bryant on April 22, 2008 by reading the final paragraph from the opinion which concluded as follows:

“There is no jurisprudence, even as it has evolved to date, that supports the view that the concept of “colour of right” entitled the Aazhoodena to act as they did in occupying Ipperwash Provincial Park in September, 1995.”

Mr. Bryant, who was none other than Ontario’s Attorney General at the time of the Ipperwash Inquiry, was stunned by the Mayor’s question and stumbled through a disjointed, muddled reply that said, in essence, We don’t care what the law is, we’re going to do things our way.

CANACE research and activism forced the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs to reveal – for all to see – the government’s complete lack of respect for the law and for innocent victims of native crimes.

Please see our latest report, ‘Proof of Race Based Policing in Ontario’ to review our evidence showing how OPP practices have been conducted in perfect harmony with the wishes of the McGuinty government. This report was downloaded over 4,000 times within 2 days of its release.

CANACE report: Proof of Race Based Policing in Ontario

CANACE gathers and shares evidence

CANACE is like an iceberg; our most effective activities are rarely visible. In addition to our organized public protests, most of our time is spent working behind the scenes using various legal means to hold the government and OPP accountable. We have used private prosecutions, Small Claims Court actions, complaints to bodies such as the Ontario Human Rights Commission, the Ombudsman’s Office and to the Ontario Civilian Commission on Police Services as tools to oppose race-based policing.

We lobby both media and politicians providing information and evidence behind the scenes, doing our best to convince them to take strong stands on the rule of law on behalf of the citizens of Ontario. We also keep CSIS informed of potential terror threats from native extremists as we become aware of them through our various sources.

Thanks to CANACE activism in the face of ongoing occupations and associated lawlessness the mainstream media have now realized that innocent residents are the true victims in land claim disputes, and that native extremism poses a great danger to Canada. One only has to look at recent news coverage to know that enormous scrutiny is being brought to bear on those responsible for allowing Ontario to descend into chaos, the same individuals who have knowingly using false allegations to attack the character of non-native activists for speaking out.

During the past week, CANACE co-founders Mark Vandermaas and Gary McHale served legal notices on OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino and Aboriginal Affairs Minister Michael Bryant for their derogatory comments made in reaction to the news that Commissioner Fantino has been asked to attend a mediation session to address a complaint by Mr. Vandermaas to the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

We are determined that the people of Ontario and Canada will know the truth – about us and about the civil rights movement to stop race-based policing.

CANACE news: CANACE founders hit back at Fantino/Bryant defamation

CANACE educates the public on the dangers of native extremism and OPP policies

Our evidence is also shared publicly to educate Canadians about the dangers of allowing lawlessness to be used instead of the courts. We presented evidence associated with the economic costs of landclaim lawlessness in our first report, The Costs of Illegal Occupations. Our second report, The Human Costs of Illegal Occupations, explains how innocents in Caledonia and Ipperwash – both native and non-native – have paid the awful price for OPP and government negligence. This report has now been downloaded over 18,000 times since its release in December 2007.

Our next report, to be released shortly, will present our research exposing the utter lack of legal justification for the McGuinty/OPP policies during land claim disputes.

CANACE report: Cost of Native Occupations

CANACE report: The Human Cost of Native Occupations

The OPP/Liberal/Ipperwash Inquiry approach is a dangerous failure

The McGuinty government originally said Caledonia was an isolated situation. In May 2006 negotiators said they were making great progress in ending the crisis. David Peterson, the man who called Gary McHale’s supporters ‘whackos’ for supporting the inaugural ‘March for Freedom’ on October 15, 2006, said, “We’ve made some real progress and I think everyone is very optimistic now.” Not only is Caledonia ongoing two years later, but land claim lawlessness is now a province-wide problem rapidly leading to a complete breakdown of law and order.

On April 25, 2008 OPP officers came within a trigger pull of a bloodbath in Deseronto when they pointed their weapons – including sub-machine guns – at a group of native protesters they said had a rifle or shotgun, protesters who have gone out of their way to provoke and perpetrate extreme violence and lawlessness since occupying a nearby quarry.

In Caledonia, native extremists have blocked a major highway since April 25/08 and the OPP are refusing to open the road or arrest those responsible. On Saturday, April 26th we received reports that natives were ready to spray Caledonia residents with fire hoses as they were demonstrating against the continued lawlessness in their town. CANACE reporter, Jeff Parkinson was on the scene and tells how residents were calling 911 asking for backup while OPP officers sat in their cars(!) because there were only 4 officers between them and the occupiers. OPP were stopping additional residents from joining the demonstration, but allowed natives through. This one-sided escalation, is exactly what happened on December 01, 2007 before natives attacked peaceful residents protesting against an illegal smoke shack selling cigarettes to their children.

Can there be any doubt that someone is going to be killed due to the OPP and Liberal tolerance of criminal activity by native extremists for the past two years? Can there be any doubt that following the one-sided recommendations of the Ipperwash Inquiry and ignoring the Attorney General’s own legal opinion on allowing native protesters to commit crimes have led us to the very edge of anarchy?

You can help Canada by helping CANACE

1. Canada needs your voice, and it needs it NOW. The best way to lend your voice is to join the Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality by becoming a Member Advocate, and you can even do it for free. Click here for instructions. It’s easy.

2. Call or write to your MPP and tell them:

a. You want them to help CANACE hold the Ontario government accountable for the Ipperwash Inquiry’s suppression of evidence from residents.

b. You want them to demand the resignation of Michael Bryant and Julian Fantino for misleading the public about the lack of legal justifcation for allowing land claim lawlessness and occupations to continue. 

3. Start writing letters to your local newspaper and at least one national such as the National Post, Toronto Sun or Toronto Star.

Non-violent resistance will defeat those who violate our rights

If you live in or near a town affected by native lawlessness, resist the urge to take the law into your own hands. Resist the urge to say or write words of hate. CANACE believes in the use of non-violent protest. It is the only way. We are inspired by one of the greatest civil rights leaders in history who could have easily chosen the path of hate and violence, but is remembered today for shocking the conscience of his country by encouraging Black people to confront injustice with love and non-violence.

Dr. King could have chosen the path urged on him by well meaning people who would have preferred that he do nothing, but this path was just as unconscionable to him as the use of violence. The images of Blacks being attacked by police dogs and fire hoses simply for demanding the dignity of human rights did more to bring about change than guns or meaningless letters to politicians begging for justice could ever have accomplished. 

VoiceofCanada feature: Provoking Violence
(Lessons from Martin Luther King Jr.)

If someone you know is thinking of using violence to retaliate in anger and frustration, tell them about CANACE. Send them a link to this page. Send them a copy of our News Advisory from April 28/08: Violence is easy, Peace requires effort.

There is hope!

Although CANACE cannot disclose everything we are doing, we can tell you that progress is being made. Media are starting to do their job as ‘watchdogs of democracy.’ Politicians are starting to listen. Remember, the night is always darkest just before dawn. One day, Ontario MPPs – one after the other – will have the courage to rise in the Legislature and hold the government accountable for the Ipperwash cover-up and the utter lack of legal justification for allowing native extremists to commit crimes. One day, the media will write the stories they have so far refused to tell. Until that day arrives, however, we the people must carry the burden alone. Alone, but together. 

You can make a difference by joining CANACE, and then help us to pressure your MPP and the media to hold those responsible for this shameful period in Ontario’s history accountable for their conduct.

To become a CANACE Advocate: visit and click on ‘BECOME A CANACE ADVOCATE FOR FREE’ in the top menu.

Please forward this message to your email contact list.



One response

30 04 2008
John Newton

Many Canadians are unaware of the fact that our government is involved in much more than operating a two tier justice system. They are also on a mission to strip most Canadians of their freedom to openly speak out or discuss the actions of specific nationalities and cultures. The Canadian Human Rights Commission have fined many Anglo Saxon citizens, with some of them even given prison terms. We were once a British Colony with a fully democratic government, with freedom of speech being our most basic right. Now our government caters to terrorists, and condemns people who attempt to speak freely. How did the government of this country ever become so incompetent and corrupt?

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